120AP- Flat board and edge board machineFlat board and edge boardFlat board and edge board

    Flat board and edge board machine

  • Model Number : 120AP
  • Brand Name : STM
  • Place of Origin : Suzhou China
  • Certification : SGS
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Delivery Time : 50 days
  • Payment Terms : T/T, L/C, Western Union


Model ZHJ-120AP
Products V/L shape edge board and Flat cardboard
Width V leg 15-120mm, flat board 200mm
Wall Thickness 1.5-10mm
Speed 0-45m/min
Cutting Length 50-9999mm
Cutting Accuracy ±1 mm
Power 380V/ 25KW
Max Layers 13 layers + 1 surface
Paper demanding Surface Kraft paper ≥160g; inner paper≥300g
Cutting way Servo cutting
Gluing way Both single and double faced available
Overall size L26000*D1250*H1600mm
Total Weight 7 Ton
Operation 1-2 persons

Advantage of STM 120AP edge protector machine
 1. Fast speed
 2. Easy operation
 3. Safe operation with crane
 4. EU tech
 5. The edge board protectors are stronger and harder than traditional machines make
 6. Heating function for option
 7. Automatic collection
 8. 2 IN 1 machine for both V and flat cardboard
 Applications for edge protectors
  vertical protection
  Vertical supporting,
  stacking supporting,
  edge protection,
  side protection
  corner guard
  edge guard
  reinforcement for cartons
  Coil edge protector
 The edgeboard can be used in everywhere who need strong support and protection of packing.